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First hand of the tournament, would you call?

    • magicadil
      Joined: 03.05.2012 Posts: 181
      $80 buy-in.

      First hand, I get dealt pocket Aces. Blinds are 25/25. I raise to 100. one other caller.

      Flop is: 8C,8H,8D

      I overbet the pot, and bet 450. He goes all in. We both have 3,000 chips. I thought about folding, but I've never seen this guy so I don't know if he shoved with like 9,9, or some BS. I called, and he showed 8,4o.

      Would you have folded/called in this situation?
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    • ItsTeddyKGB
      Joined: 10.01.2011 Posts: 734
      The fact that you put '$80 buy-in.' first, makes me think you're playing scared money.

      And yes, I would definately call an all-in here, 90% of the times you are ahead, since only 1 card in the deck beats you. Just a cooler, that's all.

      Btw, I'm not a tournament player myself, but I would 100% call in a cashgame.

      Just my $0,02.
    • Jackalof
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 1,462
      I would try to fold in the money for mincash - definately no need to take risks and build stack.
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,030
      Hi guys,

      Moving this to the relevant board :)

    • JonikoP
      Joined: 15.05.2010 Posts: 600
      Snap call.
    • boboistina
      Joined: 10.05.2008 Posts: 271
      Dont think anyone would fold AA on that flop.
    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,181
      It's an easy call :)
      The only mistake you made is the overbet on that flop - which hand should pay you out? You don't give him any opportunity to bluff/draw/do funny things. There is absolutely no need to protect your hand. Either you are in front and will stay in front most likely, or you are nearly drawing dead. There is no need for an overbet here and it adds no value at all. Bet a reasonable size (3/4 potsize or something) and barrel all three streets - you should extract way more value longterm this way.

    • spreeboy
      Joined: 06.09.2010 Posts: 223
      Snap call... villain has a weaker pair most of the time with that line.
    • herbalist23
      Joined: 03.04.2012 Posts: 4
      thats a little too high buy in for me but i would surely raise more than 100 just so i keep nosy blinds out of my pot, beter to win 50 than lose 50 chips, no?
    • jaeden23
      Joined: 24.06.2012 Posts: 59
      To me his call pre flop and all in looks like AK or KK,QQ or something like that, your going to win the hand nearly always holding AA, no reason not to call.
    • Saren113
      Joined: 06.03.2009 Posts: 2,973
      I do agree with some of the people above I hate the overbet as we hold nuts I would much rather go for a check raise and put it in on the flop while pocket sixes and etc can still get it all in, people are pretty bad at this stage even on a 80$.
    • w34z3l
      Joined: 03.08.2009 Posts: 13,332
      lol, SNAP

      I take it you missed your runner-runner quads outs?
    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220
      As many have said, overbetting on the first hand is ridiculous. If its later in the game and you have a maniac image then betting like this is gonna possibly be good as it'll fully look like a bluff. But first hand with essentially the nuts there is no need to bet over twice the pot.

      Even more confusing is why he decides to shove the nuts. But then again if he's playing 84o for 4bb oop he probably isn't thinking too hard. Easy call with AA though, usually when someone makes this play it will be with something like 55-99 trying to protect from overcards hitting, premium pairs will tend to slowplay, as its unlikely your opponent is going to catch up, but is likely to have/catch a worse boat.
    • YohanN7
      Joined: 15.06.2009 Posts: 4,711
      If this happens in a sort-of-deep tourney - smile and be happy. If it is in a very deep cash-game, well we are derfinitly talking 100BB+, perhaps 150-200 something before I'd fold AA on the flop. Sort-of-interesting that I'm capable of folding the same bag of trash in Limit Holde'm when I know I'm fried (for like 15-20 BB). If the game is even deeper, say it's a live cash game with 500 BB you would have to be careful. If it is just one raise to see the flop, and a bunch of people come in...

      You do need something like 20 times your moneys worth for pure set-mining to make sense. It's 8.something if people always pay you off. What I'm trying to say is that there is a limit in BB where pure set-mining pays off and skill just gets a litle bit extra. I'd call preflop (or try to get a reraise in of course). There are also times I've folded sets post-flop. If I miss the flop MW (holding just a pair, especially if I tried a failed PFR check-raise or something.) I don't get deeply involved without a bit of draw myself.

      But in a regular 50BB (startstack) tourney or 100 BB CG I wouldn't mind getting it in on the flop provided I got in a decent raise PF. The difference may just lie in making a bad snap-call and a horrible fold.

      /Johan = :f_confused:
    • badgerer
      Joined: 29.03.2010 Posts: 555
      fist pump call
    • infinitem8rix
      Joined: 04.07.2011 Posts: 10
      In the UK, a 4x BB PF raise brings in all and sundry to see the flop! Am not sure if this is applicable to you, but usually a raise of 6-7 BB helps keep out the crap calls, the operative word being usually!
      In your case, I think you should just shrug your shoulders and move on! On another day, the flop would have been 88A, and this same bloke will double you up!
    • Targetme
      Joined: 04.05.2009 Posts: 1,888
      what everyones saying is your way ahead or way behind (dead) dont make retarted big bets that have no purpose
    • Agiz19
      Joined: 19.03.2007 Posts: 1,126
      first hand KK, AA open shove diretcly so just that shit wont happen as it did :)
    • pucilpet
      Joined: 09.03.2009 Posts: 694
      I can't imagine folding here.

      If the big blind is 25, I think that a bet of 100 will do preflop.

      Maybe 5x of the big blind in the first levels might be appropriate if you get constantly called by multiple players.
    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,181
      Come on guys...
      If you want to post your thoughts and ideas I expect more than a quote and "+1". If you are not interested in discussions you shouldn't post. Single sentence postings won't help anyone and I will therefore delete this kind of postings.

      Feel free to argument for already existing ideas and try to add new thoughts to them.

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