3-bet/Blind defence in BSS

    • boozaf
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      Good evening everyone

      So I've just started using the BSS and was I wondering: should I 3bet just with QQ+ and AK? If that is correct, why is that so?

      Also... what can I use as general guidelines for blind defence? Same as MSS?

      Thanks a lot
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    • RasTweet
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      Hey boozaf!

      First I want to say I moved you're thread to the No Limit forums.

      Well yeah usually you 3b those hands. You do this for value. You have a strong hand and a lot of the time you want to play for stacks.

      About the blind defense I don't know tbh. I don't know MSS, but I'm sure someone else will help you out here!

      Best of luck on the tables!

    • mkjmkjmkj
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      vs steals i think you should 3bet more hands ofcause it depends on how wide vilain is stealing how often he folds to 3bets and if tend to either 4bet you or call your 3bets.
      i think vs steals you should normally 3bet something like top 10 percent or more of your hands.