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      Hello Everyone,

      My name is Nick, I love to play poker and study the game. I come from a live and online background.

      The very first time I sat down at a table (50NL) I was 16 or 17 and my good buddy gave me some excellent Beginner advice.. He said "Play tight, you'll stay out of trouble and catch on fast." I did as he said and ran like a God that night and I was instantly hooked. The very next week another friend said that I could play for real money online as well. I became fascinated with the amounts of real money I saw people winning(and losing) on Full Tilt poker.

      I made the decision to deposit 25 dollars and had no clue about any BRM at the time but also ran like a god and turned my 25 dollars into 340 in about a week of playing 25NL FR. Strictly playing tight and having no clue about theory or bet sizing or anything really. I did realize some things right off the bat.. like position and acting last was good.. I saw it was better to react than have to act first. I saw people "tilt" and thought... How can anyone just blow there money.. Little did I know that I was a fish on a heater :P Multi tabling became a clear thing to do for me.

      After my first downswing I lost it all.. EPIC FAIL! I did cash out 100 but lost about 250 at 25nl because I finally found out what "tilt" was and that i really wasn't as good as I thought. I became curious if Online poker was rigged at all so I read some forum post about playing the top 19 hands only at 10nl for 100k hands.. I figured if I was even or up at the end of this 100k hands then it was probably legit. I started stacking tables and playing 3k hands on average per day and eventually was emailing FTP to let me increase the amount of tables. I reached 100k in a little over a month and was a 2BB/100 Winner.. I had rakeback and saw how much that helped me as well. I decided to keep playing. Now I am 24 years old and am still in love with the game and make routine trips to Atlantic City and Delaware park to play live as well as continuing to play online..

      I love the game and don't see myself ever letting go of it. I look forward to chatting/discussing poker with everyone and can't wait to delve into the material this site has to offer.
      Great to be here, Thanks, Nick
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