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Mental block for winning big/constantly?

    • sanpnat0rRNMD
      Joined: 09.03.2009 Posts: 2
      I think this has been a big pain in my ass for a long time. I just watched raskolnikov's latest video on Pokerstrategy and he inspired me to deeply think about direct questions.

      So what's this about? It's very rare for me to quit the day as a big winner, I mean like 5-10 buyins. Usually when I win quickly for example 3 buyins during the beginning of a session I tend to somehow feel scary. I mean, it's like only thing I can think is "What if I lose this money?" instead of "How I can make 5 more buyins?".

      I've tried avoiding to watch my results, for example I played one month without watching my results once. The problem in that case I think was the fact that I didn't get "feedback" (money) from my actions.

      I remember one day when I won something like 15 buyins, it was the time I used to play nl5 fullring and I had read this really basic nit-strategy guide that can make a monkey winning player in nl5 fullring. That time I had played something like 30-40k hands with a good winrate so I had the confidence.

      I think the problem is most likely lack of confidence and especially poor results lately. When I really know and feel that I'm a winner at this stake - I can play long sessions and win big.

      And sometimes when I've had streaks where I win 30-40k hands with a good winrate, I tend to get maybe too confident. I don't pay enough attention to making right decisions, then I have a huge downswing and the whole mental "round" starts all over again. I remember having many of those good streaks and then I face kind of meltdown. I think I haven't ever had a 100k hand sample with a solid winrate. Only very good times and very bad times, which usually ends up to breakeven results.

      I pretty much solved this problem here myself, but I'd like to hear your comments if you have any feelings or experiences like mine.
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    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      hey sanpnat0rRNMD

      i know how you feel. i currently have a 100k hand sample which is break even. and break even sucks because it isn't steady, it is just way up then way back down and repeat. i agree it gets mentally tiring and stressful and i think i experience many of the same things you say you do.

      my way to deal with it is just to keep working on my game. keep watching videos, reading articles and discussing things with more experienced players. i feel the exact same way about when i win a couple BIs early in a session, i feel like im stepping on ice for the rest of the session and play much more conservatively. when im running hot i 'forget' how to play my A game. i think it is very common and the only way to improve the mindset is to keep playing and one day we will begin focusing on making the better plays rather than worrying about our session results.

      good luck :)