Timothy's NL400 SH Party in the Stars (Lifetime graph ITT!)

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      I've been a member of pokerstrategy since december 2007 and became active in january 2008.

      I got my 50$ on Mansion and managed to shortstack it up to 1500$ with some BSS 50NL FR at the end. Cashed it all out to focus on my exams.

      I study mechanic-electrotechnic engineering at the KULeuven in Belgium, in my 2nd year now.

      I've been active on the dutch part of the forum for a long time but I tought it was time to move here and make myself usefull here too :D

      So I'm planning on restarting this road to easy money (lol) again and this time don't cash out (all of it, maybe a little) and end up playing BSS on 200NL or something like that :)

      You may have seen my topic about SSS on full tilt which was a disaster: SSS Full Tilt NL10
      stupid rake, there should be a warning to not play SSS on 10NL on full tilt :)

      So I deposited 100$ on pokerstars, unfortunately I already had an account there before I discovered pokerstrategy (why would I want to play play money anyway :D )
      So only 50$ bonus! I'm on my way to clearing that, only have 425FPP's to go, my bankroll is at 99,43$ for the moment, don't have an exact idea of the amount of hands I played but like 3 hours give or take while 12-16 tabling.

      Next step is to 20 table, had to make a custom layout because the tile table function doesn't work with 2 screens:

      Here's my "setup": :D

      (Yes I study at the same desk :D and it's a 22inch Acer p223w screen, perfect for poker imo and nice price too )

      I'll update this thread on regular basis, first update will be tomorrow, I have some time to play after my exam :)

      BRM will be the regular 30buy in shortstack rule: 10NL up to 150$, 25NL up to 300$,...
      If I clear the bonus I'm moving to party to clear that bonus and then later to full tilt to clear the 600$ bonus there.
      After all that I'll probably be a rich man :D
      I'll probably move back to stars then or to another site which I can link to pokerstars because none of those 3 are linked :(
      (I did reach platinum when I played on Mansion :) )

      I'll keep you guys posted ;)
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