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    • sirwesley1
      Joined: 15.08.2012 Posts: 4
      Im really looking for advice off a regular multi table tournament player and some advice as to whether or not i should keep playing the double or nothings.

      Well ive been following poker strategy and with my own experience aswell i built up my bankroll on william hill.

      When i play the multi table tournaments (usually the daily dollar around 1000 people) i can usually at least hit the cash when i joined william hill around a month ago i won second place netting me just over £100 then i played alot of double or nothings which i was loseing in the long run and also playing the MTT'S and then today being a month later again i won 3rd place on the daily double bagging me £60 so my bankroll is now £100 so what im wanting to know is what would the regular MTT players recommend i mean am i wrong in thinking one bigish win in a month is good and or them double or nothings really profitable at all... i tend to knock my poker alot when i go a month without a big win and really go on tilt when i lose via those double or nothings i am a very good player but seems im doing something wrong anyone any ideas or what do you do yourselfs as like a strategy on the games you play with a low bankroll like mine.. im not a cash game player i stick to tournaments which im best at.

      Just one more thing which is how i play in a tournament and this is about min raises well when i play tournaments im on the big blind a player around the table min raises (which does my head in lol) i always call any two cards and ive done alright i know that sometimes the min raises are enticing a reraise with their rockets etc but how do you experienced players deal with min raises when in the big blind what makes me asks is because me being called a donk LOL well example tonight i was in the big blind a player min raised i had 5-2 off i flat called i had a good stack just over average flop comes out 2 5 10 i check he bets i call turn comes a A well its obv to me the better has hit the A so i call his bet knowing im ahead river comes 8 he bets again half pot i never reraised just called ( a mistake in my opinion) and i got abuse hurled at me sooo should i be chucking these hands away or sould i carry on with the fl;t call any two on a min raise with me in big blind? your time is ery much appreciated thanks for reading my user on william hill is sirwesley10 if anyone has played with me :D
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    • VorpalF2F
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    • evertonroar
      Joined: 26.06.2009 Posts: 737
      flat calling raises with ATC is just spewing chips IMO. even in the BB.

      yes you won this time. But what about all the times you dont hit two pair or better (ie nearly everytime). And what about the times when you do hit two pair and lose. In the example you give, even with your 2 pair, your opponent still has 9 outs on the river (3xA, 3xT, 3xhis other card). (and 13 outs if he has A4). And if he has A2 or A5 you are crushed but will never get away from the hand. You are also crushed by AA, TT, 22, 55, T5, T2.

      you don't give much details of the blinds and stacks etc. surely you are not doing this with less than 20bb or after the first couple of blind levels are you? And please tell me you are not doing this in double or nothings?

      Plus, it won;t take long for a decent player (or one with a HUD) to realise what you are doing and just constantly minraise then c-bet flop. Cos you are never going to hit the flop enough times.
    • Asaban
      Joined: 22.09.2006 Posts: 9,182
      Afaik it is not possible to play double or nothings profitable due to the high rake. Therefore I would concentrate on MTT's only.

      With a BR of 100$ it's not recommended to play normal mtt's. The variance is just to high. 200 average buyins should be the minimum bankroll management requirement. If you play on pokerstars you should have at least 300 abi.

      For building up your bankroll I would recommend the multi table sng's on pokerstars. 45, 90 or 180 player fields are perfect to learn alot while at the same time you have a lower variance due to the smaller field size. The maximum buyin should be 1$ obv. If it is less it's safer.

      Regarding your play as BB:
      Minraises preflop are standard in mid- and highstakes tournaments. Even in the lower buyins you will see players minraising in late game quite frequently. I play fairly tight out of position and don't call many hands. The hands that I call have a good equity and playability. Most of the time they are kinda speculative. For example pocket pairs, suited connectors etc.