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    • Aingles
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      hey guys,

      I have been playing poker for about 6 months . I firstly started off with freerolls ( managed to build up a 5$ roll) and also took advantage of the 7,70$ they offer at Poker770 and started playing some SNGs . I started at the 0,10$+0,02$ and after 180 games I had 10$ , and moved up to 0,20$+0,04$ , started well , but over the last couple of months hit a 200game breakeven patch :( Now here is my question , when I first started I didn't have the finacial possibilties to make a deposit , but know Ive managed to save up my money and I have enough to make a 50$ deposit which should get me up and running on the 1$ SNG . Should I make this deposit and play on limit where I am gooing to be respected and with a lot less maniacs ? Any opinions are welcome . Thanks :)
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, Aingles!

      You are gonna find pretty soon that beating games where ppl respect you and there are a lot less maniacs is actually tougher than the opposite. With 50$, I can think you can comfortably play the 1$ SnGs unless they are some very turbo format. That's what I suggest you doing. If you drop to like 30$, start rebuilding on a lower limit.

      Also, take advantage of the great number of articles, videos we have. Posting hands in the evaluation forums will also have a good impact on your game.

      Good luck!