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      1. I have a few reasons that motivate me to play poker. These are:
      - The rewards
      - The unique hybrid skill and luck based nature of the game
      - The people you meet on tables

      2. Weaknesses of my poker game:
      - Playing unnecessary hands, even on low blinds
      - Not being certain how to react towards raises on different positions on the table
      - Turn and River play

      3. Playing tight aggressive in the broadest sense is:
      - To not play non-premium hands, or even premium hands depending on your position on the table, or the position of someone raising behind you, but playing premium hands in such a way to maximize value from other runners.
      - To play premium hands in such a way that you can maximize value from a pot, or make others fold to protect your hand.
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      Welcome to the Course and Best of Luck. Good job! Homework #1 Done!

      Most of the weakness you wrote can easily be fixed by posting hands (analyzing your session). We will start writing feedback to your play. Usually negative feedback will put you into thinking phase and trying to fix all those leaks. It's almost the same as you lose money, you will remember it more than winning part. By this situation it's gonna be that negative feedback you gonna remember and try to avoid them next time.

      What about tilt? Do you adjust something against it? For example:
      Easiest way to fight against tilt is to set up stop-loss technique. Which means if you for example have lost more than 3BIs for a session then you just stop the session for some time. The BI amount is set up from your own results. Some may put it higher, some lower. Also after the stop you can spend some time with evaluation part to become better.

      Tight style is usually called playing selected hands. Like following the Starting Hand Chart. Aggressive should be also pretty clear that already the word says how you should be playing. But the problem playing aggressively is that you have to watch that you don't play too aggressive. Find good spots, find good targets. About The tight-aggressive strategy you can read in this article: "What is the Big Stack Strategy?"

      Hopefully you will enjoy being with us here and will enjoy the course. In any case you have questions about anything then feel free to ask it, I will try to respond as soon I read it.