which poker room to go to?

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      Sorry, I guess this isn't really a beginner's question but I don't know where else to put it. Im trying to find poker rooms that offer solid sng games, no crap shoot 40 mins. kind, more like 90 mins drill. I haven't played online for years and it seems like sng is dead. I don't want to waste my free money on a site I wouldn't play in. I know stars but I already have an acct there. it's a bummer that they don't post their sng structure on their sites.
      is there anyone who still play sng the old fashioned way - no turbos etc - and could you recommend some sites? I googled, asked around in 2+2 and cardigan but the results were abysmal sooooo this is really my last resort. Please help?

      Bummer that Americans can't play now. I love playing them.
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