Rebuy tourneys

    • icegooner4
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      I was wondering what you think is the best strategy for rebuy tourneys? What I've been using lately is if I find a good hand in the first round or so I move all in and try to double up, and it's not that unlikely that some looney with kinda the same strategy will call you. If I don't catch you simply play "normal" poker. What do you think about that strategy?

      What strategy do you use?
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    • ManniXXX
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      Super tight and no stealing. Let everyone else gamble. Add-on @ break. Play like a freezeout after the break.

      Usually I find myself with 1000 chips ish at the break + add on = 3000. Value for money is great if you can scrape by without rebuying at all.
    • Sai7
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      I also go all in early from the start if i get cards like QQ,KK,AA.
      Usually people are much looser and they call all in raises with junk.
      After the early stages, play as normal with standard raises.
    • curnow
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      depends on what you allow for rebuys but somewhere between 3 to 8 + add-on and buy-in * 100 to allow for bankroll

      you dont have to play lotto but need to build stack and double buy-in will help , for 1500 starting chips aim to get close to 15000 at break and you should be set up good for the tourney