[NL2-NL10] NL10 99's

    • hvard92
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      Me(BB) $11.80 - VP:34 PFR:18 AF:2.2 W:30|58 STL:48|66 3B:5|54 CB:75|35 N:-46.36
      reanny(BTN) $13.23 - VP:26 PFR:18 AF:1.9 W:20|75 STL:50|78 3B:5|0

      Pre Flop: Me(BB) with [9 :spade: , :club: c]
      reanny(BTN) raises 0.30
      DamageNSK(SB) folds
      Me(BB) raises 0.90
      reanny(BTN) calls 0.70

      Flop: (Q :diamond: ,5 :diamond: ,2 :heart:) (2 players)
      Me(BB) checks, reanny(BTN) bets 0.97, Me(BB) raises 3, reanny(BTN) calls 2.03

      Turn: Qc (2 players)
      Me(BB) bets 7.80, reanny(BTN) calls 7.80

      River: 5s (2 players)

      Me(BB) shows [9s,9c]
      reanny(BTN) shows [Q :spade: ,A :diamond:]
      reanny(BTN) wins 22.65

      What did i do wrong here?
      What did i forget to observe?

      The pot was too big on the turn. His cbet % was 100%
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    • Kaitz20
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      I don´t prefer your line, since he would likely never fold there Qx and if you want to get value from floats I think b/c flop, c/c turn should also be good line to take. With overpairs or tptk I might played your hand the same way.

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