[5cd] blind war $2/$4

    • Thorek
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      Feral Cow Poker
      PokerStars Limit 5 Card Draw $2/$4 - 6 players

      CO: $67.38
      Button: $111.54
      SB: $15.53
      BB: $77.59 (Hero)
      UTG: $79.98
      UTG+1: $124.16

      Dealing Hands: ($3.00) (6 players)
      4 folds, SB raises to $4, Hero raises to $6, SB calls $2

      First Draw: ($12.00) (2 players)
      SB discards 3, Hero stands,

      SB checks, Hero bets $4, SB folds

      Hero collected $11.64

      (Rake: $0.36)

      What do u think about that bluff in blind war?
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    • jbpatzer
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      I think 88xxx has too much value to waste it on a snow there. I'd choose something with blockers like AKxxx.

      Btw, I expect Huricano to post and disagree with me on all these hands. It's traditional.
    • madorjan
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      Once again, jb +1.

      You really should think about the concept behind snowing, what makes a good snow hand, and what doesn't. I know it's fancy in NL-world to just splash around saying I'll do this sometimes, or the dynamics are right, or I have a read about this player, but limit games (and no limit games also) don't work like this.
    • Huuurrriiicccaaannnooo
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      88 9JQ in 2/4$ BBvsSB is a value raise not bluff.

      You're basically just 3-bet resteal AJ in Holdem and asking what do we think about your bluff...

      OTOH even if you have a marginal 3-bet, I would suggest calling to pick off some busto AK-high and lower pair turned into bluff (55-)