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[Td 2-7] A3568 3$/6$

    • Thorek
      Joined: 25.12.2007 Posts: 59,937
      PokerStars | Limit Triple Draw 2-7 Cash - $3/$6 - 6 players
      [][i][color="DarkSlateGrey"]Hand [/i]#[i]81286972814[/url] - delivered by[/color][/i] Pokeit

      BTN J Thirteen: $142.74 (47.6 BBs)
      CO Kolumbus27: $184.02 (61.3 BBs)
      MP ianmc999: $165.94 (55.3 BBs)
      UTG Vempele: $174.39 (58.1 BBs)
      BB Thorek: $94.45 (31.5 BBs)
      SB snowboard789: $416.65 (138.9 BBs)

      Deal: ($4) Hero (Thorek) is BB with A♠ 3♥ 5♣ 6♠ 8♠
      Vempele folds, ianmc999 calls $3, Kolumbus27 folds, J Thirteen raises $3 to $6, snowboard789 folds, Thorek calls $3, ianmc999 calls $3

      Draw One: ($19) (3 players) 3♥ 5♣ 6♠ 8♠ 3♣
      Thorek discards As, ianmc999 discards 2 cards, J Thirteen discards 2 cards
      Thorek bets $3, ianmc999 calls $3, J Thirteen calls $3

      Draw Two: ($28) (3 players) 5♣ 6♠ 8♠ 3♣ T♦
      Thorek discards 3h, ianmc999 discards 1 cards, J Thirteen discards 2 cards
      Thorek bets $6, ianmc999 calls $6, J Thirteen folds

      Draw Three: ($40) (2 players) 5♣ 6♠ 8♠ 3♣ T♦
      Thorek stands pat, ianmc999 discards 1 cards
      Thorek bets $6, ianmc999 folds

      Final Pot: ($38.80 | rake $1.20) (1 player)
      Thorek wins $38.80 +$23.80
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    • madorjan
      Joined: 13.11.2009 Posts: 5,561
      Hi there,

      Predraw it's a 3bet for sure. You can't just call and draw 1 letting them know you have a weak hand. One of the golden rules of TD is that at least on early streets you play all your draw-x range the same, so people couldn't read your hand-strength. (And in a draw game, balancing is really really important.)

      Also, this hand is easily strong enough to 3bet predraw, you have a smoothish 1 card 8-draw, what else do you want to shovel money into the pot?

      Flop is std.

      On the turn, what was your plan? Once again, no thought process mentioned, no nothing, it's really hard to evaluate that like this.

      Also, the standard play if ianmc is good here to check your whole range, since he should be betting here always charging the third guy to draw. Of course, not all people bet here, and also some might be discouraged to bet when they know you want to c/r sometimes, but still it's the standard balancing play IMO, without a read (that you haven't provided) I'd play that.

      And I'd check/call break here. Your T is a mild favorite to hold against a 1 card draw, and you're behind if both draw 1, also you have massive reverse implied odds on the river (what are you gonna do? check/fold? or bluffcatch?), so I'd just check/call break here all day long. IP if they checked to you, you could play some other moves, like patting if 1 calls, breaking if 2 calls, but OOP you don't have a choice here.

      On the river what is the purpose of your bet really? Is it a bluff? If you plan on turning your hand into a bluff, why not draw on the turn? Because it's sure not a valuebet, since you're at the absolute bottom of your patting range (not accounting for snows, that will be the real bluff part of your range). This bet has no purpose at all, except maybe making him fold a slightly better T, or maybe a 9 once in a blue moon, but that's not enough, and if it was your plan, you should've just c/c broke the turn, you win the hand much more often that way.

      Another couple of suggestions:
      1) Please use a converter that changes nicknames into positons, since a) it's really hard to figure out the exact positions, and b) in a really small player pool (like SS-MS TD is) I find it massively unethical to reveal any kind of play of the opponent showing who that guy is. It's basically an opportunity to datamine for everyone.
      2) I suggest you not playing these stakes until you have at least a solid ABC-game in TD - from this hand it's quite obvious you're a beginner to the game, and with mistakes like this (and I assume there are plenty more) the regulars there will eat you alive.