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SNG Beginner 19.06.

    • TheNose
      Joined: 07.06.2006 Posts: 1,111
      No Limit Holdem Tournament
      8 players
      Converted at

      UTG gchanning (760)
      UTG+1 Taucher14 (7530)
      MP1 Alica814 (1820)
      MP2 piraña (2320)
      CO vicente42 (1700)
      BTN sagardo (1930)
      SB Hero (1940)
      BB DajDeneg (2000)

      Blinds: 30/60

      Pre-flop: (90, 8 players) Hero is SB Q:spade: K:heart:
      2 folds, Alica814 calls 60, 1 fold, vicente42 calls 60, 1 fold, Hero calls 30, DajDeneg checks

      i think preflop is pretty clear:
      we will be oop and its absolutely not necessary to play a big pot here with KQ

      Flop: 9:heart: J:heart: Q:diamond: (248, 4 players)
      Alica814 says "kicking them out eh?:D ", Hero bets 180, 2 folds, vicente42 calls 180

      i think here we have 2 options: bet or c/r
      - we want to protect on this ugly board against a T, FD ...
      - when there is too much action we can still fold our hand without having invested a lot of chips
      - we will sometimes win the pot right here
      - worse hands like FD, OESD, a worse Q etc can call (Q8, QT (could raise too), Qx ...)

      - maximum protection
      - very often we are gambling here for our complete stack against an A high FD (we are close to 50:50), something like JT or T9 (OESD + pair = 10outs, still 40% to win)
      - its pretty likely that we are fucked if someone calls (KT for the straight, QQ/JJ (ok they are pretty unlikely in a limped pot), 99, T8 for another straight Th,xh ... OESD and FD would be cruel too and millions of two pair hands ;)

      Turn: 8:heart: (622, 2 players)
      Hero checks, vicente42 checks

      the turn is the ugliest card, that could show up... EVERY draw got me beat now and i did not see a hand i could valuebet against -> c/c because of the backdoor FD and the gutshot that could be good too

      River: 2:diamond: (630, 2 players)
      Hero checks, vicente42 bets 300, Hero folds

      the river is a blank... i was thinking about the option b/f ... but i cannot see a worse hand calling me ... (every single paired hand has to be scared of a straight or flush too and would fold then ... on the other hand its pretty unlikely that they are valuebetting that single pair on that board, so worse hands would check behind but definetly not call a bet)

      villain bets 1/2 potsize on the river ...
      as i mentioned i think he will hold here at least two pair, maybe a bad played set or, most likely, a slowplayed flush or straight ...
      anyway i thought i am almost always behind and therefore i folded ...

      ps: i had some stats that told me my opponent is passive (agression 1.0 i think)
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