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Question winrate

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    • faronel
      Joined: 13.07.2011 Posts: 1,186
      Hey, Faithless1.

      The win rate shows how many big blinds you win or lose for every 100 hands played. In your example, where the winrate is 4-7bb/100, the player wins 4 to 7 big blinds per 100 hands played at his level. For example, the player plays at $1-$2 cash game table and with the win rate 7bb/100, the player makes 14 dollars for each set of 100 hands played.

      I may be mistaken, but winrate is calculated as follows:

      1) Amount of total hands played divided by 100 = hand ratio
      2) Convert the amount of won/lost money into the amount in big blinds
      2) Amount of big blinds divided by hand ratio

      For example, a player made $140 dollars in one session that lasted for 2000 hands. We divide 2000 by 100 to get the hand ratio which is in our case 20. Then we see that $140 dollars is 70 big blinds ($140:$2). Finally, we divide 70 by 20 and we get our 3,5bb/100 win rate.

      * P.S. There is also BB/100 or also known as ptbb/100 which are big bets/pokertracker big blinds per 100 hands. This win rate was meant for limit holdem, but basically it equals to twice the amount of usual bb/100. In other words, if you find a graph that says 7BB/100, then it is actually 14bb/100.

      * P.S.2 In case you want to use winrate as a reference to your poker "skill", it is recommended to rely on win rate only when you have a large hand sample (like 100.000+ hands played). Otherwise, it may only show some circumstantial values (like you having a bad session/day etc).

      * P.S.3 If you ask "what is a good win rate", then my answer is simple: anything that is above 0 which means that you are a winning player. In your example, 4-7bb/100 is a VERY GOOD win rate and not many players manage to achieve such a nice winrate over a huge hand sample. You can see that even from our small example with 3,5bb that if you play every day a session of 2000 hands and win 140, you are going to do VERY well by the end of the month.

      Hope it explained the concept.
    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Thanks faronel for your explanation :)

      Yep bb/100 is simply how many big blinds or big bets you are winning on average per 100 hands. Everything clear to you now?

      Let us know if you have more questions