Hand ranges in Equilator

    • Hawat
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      Equilator has 5 different ways of sorting hands according to their equity: vs. 1 random hand, vs. 2hands, vs. 3 hands, pokerstove and Karlson-Sklansky. Which one should I use and when?

      I guess most of you'll go with pokerstove order as that seems to be the most common software. But I don't know how it works so I usually go with equity vs. 3 players. Isn't equity vs. 2 hands (or vs. 1) more appropriate when you are playing SH?

      Please move this thread to the proper forum if this isn't it. I don't know if there is any difference between using Equilator for fixed limit or no limit.
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    • ciRith
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      Hi Hawat,

      I didn't even realised that option until now. Would be intestering how others use it as I always used the default.
      (On the other hands I do it most of the time manually. I give them the ranges from our charts and only use the % setting against LP and LAGs etc..)