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      Here is a list of things I have found concerning the localization of Elephant v0.50.

      - "Are you sure" dialog when emptying database: "Ja", "Nein", "Abbrechen".

      - Hands tab, comment on: "Allgemein".

      - Analyse tab, game level details: "Gesamt".

      - Analyse tab: all other text in first column is always in English.

      - Settings, general settings: "Sortierreifolge für Hände" (English in the English locale, but still in German in other locales).
      The German text is also wrong: it should be about minimization behaviour instead of sorting order.

      - HUD Settings submenu: explanations for "Activate HUD" and "HUD Settings" are too long in some locales (more than 2 lines), e.g. English and Dutch.

      - "Database settings" in menu is not localized (only for English and German)

      - "Export" and "Import player notes" in Database settings menu is not localized (only English and German). Also there is no explanation for those items in other locales.

      - HUD Settings window, only localized for English and German:
      "Tischdurchschnitt anzeigen"
      "FullTilt avatare sichtbar"
      "HUD Spieler Details"
      "HUD Spieler Details bei Aktionen schließen"

      I have also made some changes to the English and Dutch locale files. If you want, I can send them to you.
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