[NL2-NL10] Nl2 AKo

    • seanspurs87
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      Hello, I was wondering whether a 2nd barrel is ok here with AK with the villains short stack or is it a case of never bluff a 2nd time on NL2?

      Thank you

      PokerStars - $0.02 NL - Holdem - 9 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      SB: $1.03
      BB: $4.35
      UTG: $0.96
      Hero (UTG+1): $2.02
      UTG+2: $0.89 (21/9/4.0/29/33) [VPIP/PFR/AF/WTSD/Hands]
      MP: $2.63
      MP+1: $0.80
      CO: $1.51
      BTN: $2.12

      SB posts SB $0.01, BB posts BB $0.02

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.03) Hero has K:diamond: A:club:

      fold, Hero raises to $0.08, UTG+2 calls $0.08, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold

      Flop: ($0.19, 2 players) 9:diamond: J:spade: J:diamond:
      Hero bets $0.12, UTG+2 calls $0.12

      Turn: ($0.43, 2 players) 3:club:
      Hero bets $0.28, UTG+2 calls $0.28

      River: ($0.99, 2 players) 6:diamond:
      Hero checks, UTG+2 bets $0.41 and is all-in, fold
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    • Dandiiik
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      Against an opponent like this (according to the stats) I would never ever bluff. I would even consider check/folding on the flop already. His WTSD is very high and he is aggressive, probably. You can try cbet on the flop, but I think that there are too many hands which will stay in the hand including A high and you will have to fold on next streets if your hand does not improve. AK is tricky because before the flop it is a very strong hand but if you miss the flop and moreover you face loose opponent with high WTSD it loses its almost whole value. I am trying to say that the fold equity is very low here.

      Anyway if he calls flop he probably wouldnt give up on the turn. There is one more reason to stop betting on the turn and that is that he is a shortstack. He probably feels committed to the pot and is not so likely to give up even more. The advantage of NL2 is that you don´t have to balance your play because the players dont follow it. So just wait for the right spots and then get as much value as you can :)
    • seanspurs87
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      Thanks for the sound advice. I know what you mean about AK, its the most frustrating hand and I think I overplay it quite a lot. And I need to pay attention more to opponents stats and make sure there is enough fold equity. Cheers
    • PhoenixPhreak
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      Yeah, I think that flop is too wet. Flush draws, straight draws, and possible pairs already, I would c/f. AKo vs that flop is hurting...
    • veriz
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      Hello seanspurs87,

      Vs a loose station rather just Check/Fold the flop, you most likely wont have fold equity. Only reason to CB the flop would be if we assume to do it for value.

      Best Regards.