Folding AK TPTK in 3Bet Pots on AQX Flops

    • mbml
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      Recently I have been getting owned quite a lot in a particular spot. Basically I would be in MP or UTG with AK and someone with a relatively tightish range of 3-5% 3bets me.

      Board comes out AQX and I get 3barreled. I wonder if I should be folding Turn/River on such run outs. The villain in question shouldn't have too much of a speculative range for barreling (gutshots or flush draws) and I basically lose to AA/QQ, only chopping with AK. Doesn't seem like a pleasant spot at all.

      I also see some people showing up with AQ at times in this spot, even when they technically shouldn't have it in their range

      Poker Stars $200.00 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players
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      BTN: $107.60
      SB: $200.00
      BB: $310.37
      UTG: $159.56
      Hero (MP): $614.41
      CO: $344.46

      Pre Flop: ($3.00) Hero is MP with K:heart: A:heart:
      1 fold, Hero raises to $5, 2 folds, SB raises to $18, 1 fold, Hero calls $13

      Flop: ($38.00) Q:diamond: A:club: 5:heart: (2 players)
      SB bets $22.00, Hero calls $22

      Turn: ($82.00) T:club: (2 players)
      SB bets $45.00, Hero calls $45

      River: ($172.00) T:spade: (2 players)
      SB bets $115.00, Hero calls $115

      Final Pot: $402.00
      SB shows Q:heart: Q:club:
      Hero mucks K:heart: A:heart:
      SB wins $399.20
      (Rake: $2.80)

      This guy is 21/17/6, 3bets 3% vs EP. I don't fold because it's not 1 or 2%. I also can't really see too much air in his range. My hand looks so much like AQ/AK and it just seems really stupid to bluff me off this range
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    • getdotacom
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      Heh, I think u have to fold this on the turn or river most likely. Against 3% it just won't be good. These nits usually 3bet only for value, something like JJ+,AK and rarely bluff. As u said, u have AQ a lot in ur range (at least he thinks so, doubt u're calling with that vs 3% :D ), so he's not 3barreling AK IMO. I think u can call down other Ax boards, but u should fold AQx vs these guys.