how do I search for hands ?

    • bmfbpi
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      hey guys,

      Basically what I want to do is search for threads in the hand analysis sections, threads that are concerned with specific hands.

      For example I want to search in the hand evaluation forum, all threads where Hero's hand was AA. Now, the title normally is NLx, AA, or AA in sb, etc

      I have tried searching, but cannot search only for AA, or AK or whatever holecard because they are only 2 characters and you need 3 characters to start a search.

      Also tried the advanced search with wildcards but was not successful.

      Any idea how to do this ?

      Thanks in advance
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    • IngridN
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      Hey bmfbpi,

      The only way to search is to use the "search" function but instead of putting the hand (AA) try to put "AA hand" or add another word that most likely be in the post as all hand history posts has the same outline.

      Hope this helps.