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Time to think... time to go!

    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379
      Hi, my name is Robert. I`m 23 years old, i live in Romania and i just finished the university. Today i made a big decision in my life, a big decision that is related to poker, my life and that i think it will ultimately help me change my character, it will simply help me become stronger.

      After i finished my studies i had a blast, i went to my sisters wedding witch was held in a different city, went at one of my uncles to stay for a few days before and after the wedding. I went there with my girl-friend then we went to Egypt for 2 weeks, witch were quite awesome, and offered us a great and unique experience. Where did i get the money for that?... sorry it was not poker, it was from my work. During my studies i worked for quite a long time, then i worked in the US for three and a half months and through a university program. And now after i got back from all that good stuff, i find my self with no job... and there is nothing promising that i will find something really soon.

      Coming back to the main point of this blog, i always wanted to become better at poker, i do like to play poker a lot, and sure as well i would like to teach poker some day, and doing that would be doing something that i enjoy to do. Now to the decision, i have two options: A) Look really hard for a job and get my poker activity to marginal. B)Focus just on poker for a limited time(10weeks aprox), and then see how that goes.

      Why B)?

      One of the most important reasons why i decided to play just poker, focus just on poker and forget about getting a job is because i fear to do it so much... and what of the things that i hate the most is fear. And i decided that i deserve to give my self a shot at something that i really enjoy doing, rather that finding a job where I might not be payed too well, that i won't really enjoy or that would bring just more stress in my life. From this moment on i will solve a inner conflict in me, i solve the constant struggle between focusing on finding a job and playing poker.

      You see, i worked for quite a while in my life, for my 23 years, i worked for like 3 years in total... i bought my own car mostly from my own money when i was 21... i worked hard in college and i finish at the top of my class my last year with a perfect A+ overall rating. So this is not about be trying to be lazy, not wanting to work and get some easy money by playing poker(witch might not be that easy).

      I think i owe this to my self, i can chose here between the pain of discipline and the pain of regret... i`m going for discipline and hard work, because as you`ll see my poker game is light years away from where it should be to be able to support a living, i have enough money to support my self for these 10weeks even if i make 0 money in poker... if it doesn't work out and don't make enough money i`ll just cash in my bankroll and go again look for a job. Going for poker only for this limited time is a win win situation for me, it will help me satisfy one of my need(that i owe this to my self, and to be clear that i did try it), and even if i fail and i`ll decide that poker is not for me anymore, i don't want to play anymore i faced my fear... of temporary financial insecurity, witch scares the crap out me right now... because i was always use to work, have constant income, now i won't. And although it scares the shit out of me, at least for now i like this fear, i kinda love it... i`m ready for this fight, i feel good to go.

      Well i think i could go on here forever but that is not my purpose to make long and boring posts. This was the start, but from now on we`re mainly focusing on poker :)

      About me, i played for somewhere around 1-2years, never really take it incredible serious, i started with the pokerstrategy bankroll of 50$ turned it in over 1100$, maybe more... not sure. I started playing nl2 and worked my way up to nl10 with a 25-30BI BRM, i`m currently playing 10NL SH and i`m not doing too great... i recently moved to a new platform, i`ll trow up a graph for you, see how badly my first 12k hands went. :) )

      Anyway i`m starting this blog to help my self, i`ll come with updates probably once or twice every week, and give you an update on things are going.

      Overall i want to say thank you to pokerstrategy and this great community for all the help that i had, from training videos and hands evaluations... and i would like to give something back. Beside being more active in the hands evaluation section(probably mostly in the romanian forms), [edited by gadget51]I`ll leave you with my new start graph, with much more about my goals for these 10weeks and the plans to get there will be in my next post, so stay tuned if you`re interested.

      CURRENT BANKROLL: @325 Euros. :)

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    • ChiTheoK0To
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 126
      Welcome back to Euro :f_p:
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi cozacu and welcome to blogs.

      Unfortunately I had to edit your great introduction as we cannot allow these offers, however well intentioned, on the forums unless by a bonafide coach. I do hope you understand our position in this.
      For our members safety we edit out email addresses as well, but you can add someone through the community tool with pleasure.

      I hope this blog is a great success and you achieve your goals. I do suggest that having a 'boring' regular job might actually have more stability than playing poker for a living, but it's for sure down to you and how you see it.

      Best regards,

    • ragney
      Joined: 02.08.2010 Posts: 2,417
      GL, you know my skype if u got any problems ;)
    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379
      Ty guys. Here is my first update... i don't really feel like going into detail here.

      What a great first day start, eh? :)

      Worst day i ever had in poker :) ) funny stuff
    • cozacu
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 1,379
      You know how they say, don't say it can't be worst because it's like you`re asking for it :) ) , to many of you this might not be out of the ordinary but it's the worst i`ve seen on such a large sample in my game :)

      [img][IMG][/IMG] Uploaded with[/img]

      So it sucks... but i`ll go on until my bankroll allows it, current bankroll 226 euros. At 200 i`m going to drop down to nl5, i haven't played there in like 150k hands or so since i`m playing nl10 but i feel like it will be a necessary step for me in order to feel better, and get my s*** together, then at 250 i`m going to move back up. However i hope this won't happen and tomorrow will get me out of this mess. I`m going to leave you with two of my hands,i would like to hear your thoughts about them. Good luck at the tables.

      Hand Nr1

      xx deep stack play
      please read the comments too

      Hand Nr2 I snap folded river, villain is 33/15 af 1.8 cbet 100 ftcbet 50 (17.1 3bet) 40hands