Some Questions...

    • nvelev
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      Greetings :)
      I'm currently looking up for a site where to move my br and therefor I have a question or two about Betfair.

      - Do I start getting rakeback immediately or I have to clear the bonus first?
      - Is there any use of these points or they are only for the bonus?

      Thanks, If I come up with another one I will update... :D
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    • cannell555
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      I would download the software and try it first, because its bloody awful. As far as I can see the points cant be used for nothing, apart from the discounted rake, when you reach a certain amount of points per week. They take 15% of your points away each week, so you have to play continuesly to keep the discount. I know thats how it works on the sportsbook and I think its linked with the poker.

      I'm not sure if you start earning rake straight away!