[NL2-NL10] NL2 FR KJo vs calling station

    • seanspurs87
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      PokerStars - $0.02 NL - Holdem - 8 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      UTG: $3.87 (40/5/1.2/63/42) [VPIP/PFR/AF/WTSD/Hands]
      UTG+1: $2.06
      MP: $2.16
      MP+1: $2.19
      CO: $1.62
      BTN: $0.76
      Hero (SB): $2.00
      BB: $6.11

      Hero posts SB $0.01, BB posts BB $0.02

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.03) Hero has J:spade: K:heart:

      UTG calls $0.02, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, Hero raises to $0.10, fold, UTG calls $0.08

      Flop: ($0.22, 2 players) 9:heart: A:spade: K:club:
      Hero bets $0.15, UTG calls $0.15

      Turn: ($0.52, 2 players) 9:club:

      Hello, not really sure where to go with the turn. I'm thinking check/fold here. He is calling with worse hands but could easily have an A or 9 as his range is very wide so is there a point to cbet the turn or should I have even not cbet the flop?

      Thank you
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    • muel294
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      Hi seanspurs87

      Preflop: I think its fine to ISO vs such a player

      Flop: OOP vs such a passive player I think you have two options, b/f or c/f. If we check we must play c/f IMO since we can rarely bluff induce vs such passive players. If we b/f I think such a player is capable of calling weaker pairs and gutshots IP so it should be fine to b/f F. This can only be a value bet IMO since I would not expect any better hands to fold.

      Turn: on most other T's I would probably continue to b/f for the same reasoning as on the flop unless it is a K or J. However, on a 9 turn we basically enter a no kicker situation. Any weaker KX now chops with us. I think you could argue for betting the turn again for thin value against weaker PP's and gutshots and maybe for val/prot vs FD's (although less likely since it would have to come runner runner) but I think we are more likely to just turn our hand into a bluff.

      I would be inclined to c/f T unless villain bets super small and re-evaluate R. I would maybe blockbet 1/3 R for thin value if we get a free card and don't improve to 2pr+.

      I look forward to Veriz's evaluation.

    • DeMarcohsp
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      Hi seanspurs87,

      I pretty much agree with muel294 here.

      Against very loose passive player we can go for thin value on 2 streets but bet small between 40-50% pot as we want him to call with any kind of pair and gutshot. River against this player would be a c/fold unimproved.

      Best regards.