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      Hello here is the amateur from bulgaria, 18 years old playing poker since 12, last two years started playing for real money, we don't have a casino in our city, so people are so mad at me :P That's why I play online
      Well I have a good strategy I don't lack experience, but I call my self ameteur because I have to learn BRM and not to tilt :P I try my best
      I started with 13$ and made it 45$'s without brm, 0f course I lost it all.
      Hey one second?? Not at all, when I give a look at the cashier today I saw that I have 1.12$ behind started grinding at zoom poker, made it 8$ and started with brm of 8 buy ins :P Now I got 23$ bankroll, from 1$ to 23$ :

      I have some goals
      :club: Make 50 buy ins to get on the next limit :club:
      :diamond: Make 2000$ in 2 months :diamond:
      :club: Live by self, rent a home actually :club:
      :spade: Watch videos of daniel negraenu so I have fun and learn to not tilt :spade:
      That's it for now! I will upload some hands soon. ;)
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