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I'm ready to do the hard work!(a SNG blog)

    • KeepYourChip
      Joined: 07.01.2011 Posts: 57
      I've been here before, starting a new blog trying to inspire myself to continue even when it’s going bad, always giving up on blogging because I don't want to be a failure, in public.

      I'm done hiding I'm 22 living in Denmark, got married a month ago, nothing fancy was meant to be kept a secret but my wife couldn't control herself (as I knew she wouldn't be able too:P ), so we told everybody the same day.

      I've played poker since I turned 18 and had my ups and downs, trying to evolve as a poker player, hoping that it would just suddenly change and my brain would adjust to the opponents, and get awesome overnight.

      I've always seen poker videos, learning more; try to become better, but always with one hand on the break, ready to flee when the downswing comes.

      Now, the stars are aligned, my path is set, and I'm ready to become a workhorse.

      I've singed a contract with my wife that I'm to blog every day, not about results of the SNG's I've played but of what I am capable of controlling. (I'm not capable of controlling luck, but I’m able to control if I went for a run that day)

      Here is my plan for a daily plan

      12:00 Wake up
      12:05 Go for a 30 min walk while listening to audio coaching.
      12:35 take a shower
      12:45 Go through every SNG with -EV (even though maybe it wasn't your fault or a setup, just do it.)
      13:30 Play season (the goal is to be able to play from 13:30-14:00 to 17:00-18:00ish)
      15:30 Take a break, eat lunch relax.
      16:00 play a season
      18:00 eat dinner/make dinner relax with wife
      20:00 watch videos on a selected topic.
      20:30 play a season
      22:30 do my homework (I'm in school)
      23:00 spent time with my wife, put her to bed.
      00:00 write a blog update
      00:30 play a season
      04:00 go to bed

      Everything I'm doing is a work in progress, so if something changes in my daily routine, or that I figure out something takes more time/less time I'll adjust it.

      I'll have more information in the time to come, got 1000 of things to tell and share, so hopefully you'll be back.
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    • KeepYourChip
      Joined: 07.01.2011 Posts: 57
      When I posted yesterday I forgot that it would be Wednesday today..

      Once a week I go to school, from 18:00 till 21:00 to take a class of Japanese. (Only like 3 - 4 weeks into it, so don't start writing Japanese to me just yet :D )

      So of cause my plan didn't go 100% as hoped for, but followed it for the most parts, and as I stated previously this blog is a work in progress.

      First of all let me explain why I’m doing this blog.
      I actually said to myself not more than a month ago, that I never should start another blog, mainly because I didn't want to fail at it again.

      But a vital thing has changed in the last month (other than getting married..)
      I've listen to an audio program called the power of self-discipline, and I'm now so motivated to become the best I can be, I've already listened to the full program once, and now going on round two.

      Back to the point of the blog, every day I'll write what I think I did well the previous 24 hours and what areas I failed at, and if somebody is reading and is thinking I’m doing something they'll like to commend or the need to tell me something’s is folly, please do so.

      And by doing so, I'll be able to see more clearly what I should do more of, less of, investigate more into and what I should leave alone.

      Things I did well:
      Adapted my schedule, and accomplished most of my set tasks.
      Played my seasons the full 75 minutes. (+the rest of the open SNG's)
      Figured out new ideas to improve my setup/game.
      Went for my walk, and listen to my audio program/coach

      Things I didn't do well:
      Analyze my own game - Reason: I did analyze 5 - 6 SNG's but because of my lack of time i chose to play poker instead.
      Have full knowledge of what day it will be tomorrow - Reason failed to remember it was going to be Wednesday

      Another thing I noticed was that my schedule is quite tight to say the least, but I'll stick with the current time settings a couple of days more and then make more accurate adjustment when I figure out the real times for everything.

      And on the last footnote I will just say to myself, I'm doing this for me and not anybody else.
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      Good luck with your goals and I hope you can stick to your scheduling :)