From 1 cent, to lots of sense!

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    • Backcushion
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      I will be testing different strategies on Free Money tables to try and remember the basics. I will be using this thread to keep me focused and to post my thoughts and progress throughtout the journey.

      Makes no sense,there aren't any thinking people there.
    • cannell555
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      So you want 430 vpp's so you can withdraw 0.01? Even if you win several freerolls before thursday, you wont get the points, and certaintly wont have enough money to withdraw. I'm not trying to flame you or dampen your spirits, but your not even a winning player, and you can just become one because you wish to. It's going to take time to become a winning player. You had $50 and earnt 70vpp's, and you want to earn 430 from $0. Your goals should be easy when your learning, they should be to improve your game, and not money orientated. Money comes with experiance, and your should be solely concentrated on getting experiance.

      You can win numerous freerolls on a run, but it doesn't mean your a winning player. Even when you start winning, you shouldn't be withdrawing. You should climb the limits, or you'll be playing freerolls for the rest of your life.

      If I was you before I even sat at a table again, i'd sort myself mentally, as you can win for a year, and then loose it all with one tilt.

      I wish you good luck, but I strongly recomend reading the available articles over and over, before attempting to play.

    • darkonebg
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      You dont need to test strategies on play money tables to remember the basics(that sounds weird). Just play straightforward , its the right play at micro and low stakes.
      Tilting is a problem only if you dont follow BRM. So follow it.
      I dont think you can make a comeback from 0.01$, just refer your friends or deposit your own money. But reread the articles, and especially the psychology ones.