regarding $50 starting capital from 2 months ago

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      Hi tommygecko,

      I have good news for you though and you can see it for yourself here:

      2. How does the free poker money work?

      I only received $30 in my account - why is this?

      Your free poker money is paid in two chunks. First, you will receive a $30 bonus and if you make a deposit within 120 days of registering your account, you will receive the remaining $20 bonus within 72 hours.

      Can I really keep the initial $30?

      Yes the money is yours but you have to collect at least 1,000 Summit Points within 120 days to clear the $30 bonus. Otherwise the remaining money up to $30 will be taken away.

      When can I withdraw my complete $50?

      As soon as you have collected 1,000 Summit Points and 120 days have passed, you can withdraw your complete $50 and your winnings.

      Hope this answers your question but please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further queries ;)