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Hot pokin' action

    • StillRooney
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 7
      Hello everyone, I'm stillRooney, a 26 year old Swede with a passion for language, weightlifting and eSports (mainly Starcraft 2 and League of Legends). I came in to contact with poker through the first PokerStrategy-sponsored tournament in Starcraft 2, but all my attempts at poker were very half-hearted (played for a couple of days, then stopped) since I never got the "spark" for it, but recently I have been feeling very inspired and now it's time to truly try my hand (no pun intended) at playing and I am fully committed to improve :f_cool:

      I just finished my last employment as sales support here in Sweden, and in the end of October I will fulfill a dream I've had for some time - moving to Berlin! :f_biggrin: The big issue now is what do I do with my life when I get there. I don't want another rat race job in some office, and I am looking into all alternative solutions I can find for this. Different work from home stuff (oDesk jobs, publishing eBooks, doing whatever you name it) to keep myself afloat in the beginning and then scale it up to actually make a profit.

      I'm looking to, long-term, add poker to these potential streams of income. Since I am currently a complete noob with less than 50 hours of poker under my belt, I am not expecting to actually make anything from poker for a looong time. So for now, I am focusing on making playing a regular thing and to slowly climb the limits. Since I am new at this any constructive criticism is very welcome, so feel free to rip me a new one if you see anything that should be changed / done differently :)

      I am playing SH ring games on Everest, but will probably switch to another site in a near future. Currently NL2 but soon going NL5. If anyone has advice on if this would work as long as I learn/keep playing or if I should focus on another site/game mode please let me know. Have bought HEM2 through a promotion but haven't recieved the confirmation yet so can't post hands until that happens.

      Current poker goals:
      At least 1 hour of poker a day
      Read at least 3 poker articles a week
      Post at least 10 hand evalutations a week

      Non-poker goals:
      Study 30 minutes of German a day
      Stretch and shoulder rehab every day
      Meditate 20 minutes every day


      Thanks for reading my wall of text and enjoy the day peeps :heart:
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    • StillRooney
      Joined: 11.02.2011 Posts: 7
      Todays soundtrack:

      Yo! Things are going well so far, I've been putting in about 2 hours a day except on Saturday when I didn't play at all. I've started on BSS and read the first three articles and took down some notes. I'm sorry that some of the following things are kindergarten level but hey, we all have to start somewhere :f_biggrin:

      Bluffing too often, sometimes even without draws or a good reason behind it

      Cbetting "just because" and hoping for the best, instead of doing it when it makes sense

      I don't take into consideration how many people are in the pot and how to adjust my play

      Things I have learned

      The trinity that is pot control - value - protection.

      Things I need to focus on
      Having a reason behind every action. If I am betting for example, why am I betting? For value? For protection? What am I trying to accomplish by checking here? and so on.

      After 4 days of play I'm down 1 BI so basically break even. I feel like I'm learning a lot, just going to keep putting in regular volume and focus on improving one thing at a time. Not posting any hands yet since I didn't get any poker software but will get a hold of it in the weekend.

      Life's pretty good, enjoy the evening everyone :f_love: