Hello ppl ;)

I am reevaluating some of the *standard* ranges and Id like to hear some other opinions if they are correct, if not what and why you suggest. Not sure if I should have posted the thread in hands analysis forum but I guess it fits more here. So here's the problem:

In all situations it's a 6max game ,100bb effective, no specific reads, NL25
Hero open-raises to 4bb UTG
BU calls, rest fold
Hero range is 22+,ATs+,AJo+,KQo,KQs
On all flops Hero cbets 7bb into a 9.5bb pot and get raised to 23.5bb
So the questions are:
1) What do you expect to get raised with on this board?
2) What would you 3b/p with on this board?
3) What would you call the raise with? What's the plan on the turn on different cards?
4) Are there any *moves* you would take vs unknown and with what hands?

Note* The Cbet , Cbet sizing and raise sizing are taken for granted but you can comment on them aswell *

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NL Holdem $0.25(BB) Replayer
SB ($25)
BB ($25)
Hero ($25)
MP ($25)
CO ($25)
BTN ($25)

Dealt to Hero 22+,ATs+,AJo+,KQo,KQs

Hero raises to $1, fold, fold,BTN calls $1, fold, fold

[1]FLOP ($2.35) A :diamond: 9 :club: 8 :diamond:
[2]FLOP ($2.35) J :diamond: 8 :spade: 6 :club:
[3]FLOP ($2.35) T :spade: 7 :heart: 4 :diamond:
[4]FLOP ($2.35) 7 :heart: 6 :heart: 2 :club:
[5]FLOP ($2.35) K :diamond: J :diamond: 2 :spade:
Hero bets $1.75, BTN raises to $5.85, Hero ?

So here's my opinion about [1]
1) I expect to get raised by AA,99,88,A9-A8,98,JdTd,7d6d,AK-AJ - out of these AA,A9o-A8o,98o are definetly unlikely since AA will often be 3b pre , the rest will be folded without info,same goes for JdTd,7d6d, 98s, A9s-A8s but they are slightly more likely so I wouldn't count them all out because BU might have a read on blinds and expect to play 3-4w pot with implieds, AK-AQ might have been raised, might have been flatted both pre and postflop depending on the guy but without info AK,AQ,AJ(AJ might have been folded pre) are rarely into his raising range both pre and post flop
2) I would 3b/p AA,99,88
3) I would call with KdQd , with around 8-9 clean outs I need ~4:1-5:1 while I am getting 2.4:1, the pot has to be $23.4 and its currently $14.05 so I have to expect to win $9.3 on average on the turn to make it a profitable call i.e around 3/4 turn bet in this spot - the expected range seems quite strong,but raise on this flop vs unknown(in his eyes too) is quite strong because it hits the UTG oR good so he probably rarely bluffs and the implieds are fine for a call. Well on every non-diamond card,not pairing the board I will probably c/f to more than a 50% bet maybe if its J or T I would call against slightly bigger, my play really seems like a draw,the odds/implieds will be worse and on the R I would have to probably donk push if I hit, If I hit on the turn I'd probably go for a c/r because he will usually continues betting and there are worse hands that might call like flushes,sets maybe even two pair
4) Probably not , I don't see any hands with clean equity besides some bd fd and pair-set outs in this range so I would need tons of FE to make it profitable

Well that's my analysis for first scenario, I guess it could be shorter and more to the point but anyways depending on the interest,comments,feedback etc I will give my thoughts about the other hands aswell and I'd definetly like to hear yours aswell! :)