Hi Everyone!!!
I'm new here in Pokerstrategy, and playing poker for a year.
[Sorry for my english / grammar errors but I'm Portuguese]
I have played 9 Players SNG, Turbo but lately decided to switch to cash games, and I have also gained some interest in MTT.

My idea is to learn as follows:
1st Books
2nd Videos / Most Active in Forum
3rd Coaching (+ NL50)

Cash Games: 6 Max
MTT: 180 Players, Turbo (How is the Variance?)

Can you help me? Give me some advices ...
What books /articles should I read about shorthanded? (I've read "Poker Math That Matters", "The Poker Mindset" and "Sit N Go Strategy" by Moshman)

I'll start by playing NL2 and climb, not yet established a plan.

P.S - I dont know were i should post this ... sorry for something

Thanks to all