Do someone plays sss with profit on FullTilt , limits > =NL100 ?

    • N4rk0
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      I'm playing on full tilt from 10 days and i'm being constatly beated by mediocre hands , lot of times , and i also know some other ppl that plays sss on full tilt also on limits lower than NL100 and they are not having good results , lot of bad beats ( data analyzed with poker ev ).

      There is someone that plays sss with profit on full titl on medium stakes?
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    • matkov
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      count me in to the bad beat, rake eating, loosing player,sss, ftpnl10 (nl25) club :D
    • IveysHome
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      NL10 on FT is a bitch, high rake makes it hard to beat but it is possible. I found NL25 a bit easier to move through and NL50 which is currently what i play SS easier still. The rake is much better aswell so once your past NL10 and NL25 i think it can be profitable but then again not many people take SSS past NL50 they just move to BSS.
    • Deflowerer
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      I really tried everything on that site and the river killed me like 50 times.
      Sick site.

      I guess the play on Full tilt is wait for the nuts on 56 tables.