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Sam Trickett interview: ISPT, Macau, online trolls
Sam Trickett has had a whirlwind two years after a multi-million dollar 2011 and reported successes in Macau's legendary high stakes cash games.

The WPT Poker interview discusses these games, Trickett's new deal with the International Stadiums Poker Tour and his battles with the online poker world - namely, Internet trolls.

"What tilts me most is players being rude to the dealers. It’s just so retarded and it really frustrates me."
WPT Poker Magazine, October 2012
Televised poker: a history
It’s fair to say poker on TV has changed massively from the ‘guess and hope’ commentary of the 70s.
WPT Poker charts the revolutions that have changed the way we view the game, from edited highlights to under-the-table cameras to the latest in live streaming.

Andy Frankenberger: "Beating Ivey was a dream come true."
Andy Frankenberger
Andy Frankenberger had a great 2012 to follow up on his 2011 World Poker Tour Player of the Year and PartyPoker Premier League titles, with a second WSOP bracelet ahead of Phil Ivey in the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold'em event.

WPT Poker catches up with former stockbroker Andy Frankenberger to find out what’s behind his meteoric rise and how it feels to rain on Ivey’s parade.

"Beating Ivey heads-up was a dream come true. He's so tough and it was the first time I'd sat down with him."
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