My long awaited return

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      I joined pokerstrategy in december 2010 and started to make a steady profit in the early months of 2011 but unfortunately my life took a dramatic turn when I split from my wife and was made homeless thus resulting in my absence from the poker scene for a while . Now that me and my daughter are settled in my new home and my relationship status is somewhat settled I now feel the time is right to start again from the beginning . Not being modest I believe the beginning is a very good place to start so hopefully I will have some good reports to post in the near future and look forward to the journey through the levels of this complex yet intrieging game . All in all I guess I am saying Hi again :-)
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    • Stabillo
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      Wish you all the best !!
      Can you give some info on which limits,sites are you going to play?
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      good luck to you sir
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      Welcome back bangmesilly!

      Glad to read everything has settled down for you :)

      What games/limits are you coming back to then?

      Kind regards,
    • bangmesilly
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      I am thinking about getting back to basics first and starting with a bankroll of $200 , the site I normally play on is not tracked as I joined before joining PokerStrategy . I will continue to play Party Poker mainly as I like to try and qualify for thier $200k tournament and also thier million $ tournament . I do not use my bankroll for the one qualifier I do every week and treat it like my lottery ticket costing me $15 weekly .
      I am keen to get more involved in cash games as I have difficulty to find the time to go through a full tournament on a regular basis even though I have been very successful in the past .
      My tracked accounts so far are Cake poker , Unibet poker , Poker 770 and Everest poker but I am also a member of the EUPL and have finnished 2nd , 3rd and 3rd again in the last three leagues that we have had .
      I have never played below 25/50 cash games before so I am entering new territory but think it will be good for my game to experience lower limits . Bankroll management also has never been an issue for me before as I somehow managed to win Party Pokers $300k tournament after only playing for 6 months ( beginners luck I am sure ) . Which site to choose I am still not sure but I will be a regular player after I have gone through the paperwork and start putting theory into practice :-)
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      Hey bangmesilly (i can't write that without giggling like a schoolgirl)

      Nice to hear things have settled down somewhat for you and your daughter must have been a tough time that i can't even begin to imagine but hopefully things are now on the up for you :) looking forward to hearing how you get on. Have you thought about or have you already set up a blog to track your progress?

      I wish you all the luck in the world with your new start both in poker and life

    • bangmesilly
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      No I havent actually something I can also think about , I do intend keeping track of how I get on as any poker player should . I have no intentions of turning professional as I enjoy my profession as a stonemason (which is where the name originates due to the amount of times I hit my hands) but if I can win a steady amount on a regular basis perhaps I can buy into the $200k and million $ tournaments that I like playing in rather than depending on qualifying . Perhaps poker is more of a fun part time job/hobby and who knows how far I can progress . Either way it will be a fun journey for that I am sure .
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      I enjoy my profession as a stonemason
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      Hi man!

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