Does my roll on ftp have any change?

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      Back when i was @ fulltilt, i was one of those supertilters :D somehow i did though manage to ship a 32.5k gtd tour, so i was still in +.

      But thats not important, what is, is that pokerstars hate me, and i have chosen to hate them back. And since they now own ftp. Would i have any change @ getting my roll?

      Frozen acc, wtf do i OWE ps??

      Even if we say i got this through, and they dont care about our mis understandings, i have another problem.

      As mentioned above, i was sometimes a heavy tilter, and 1 day i maxed out my deposit amt, so i created a new acc, and deposited there instead.

      However after this new acc was created, i actually started 12 tabling super turbos, and for the first time in my life, i felt like i could live off playing poker, next day, black friday.
      (Black friday caused me to find

      SO, i have an acc, where since i felt i could make money, i wanted to make it more secure, with the "3 cards code" like fx AsAh6c, forgot about the code, since i back then had a job, so it wasnt so much i played compared to now, and therefore i have no actual idea how to connect to the account (i have the password to the acc)

      I tried a loads of times to establish a conversasion to the support without help (i guess they were busy digging holes for their $$ in the dessert)

      Conclusion, pokerstars owe me ~100$, they claim i owe them ~200$, is there maybe ANY change i would get to play @ ftp, or even withdraw from that site?
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