[NL20-NL50] NL20 SH - AKo preflop allin to a 4bet

    • kesgab
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      Button Hero ($19.70)
      SB ($18.17)
      BB ($33.39)
      UTG ($9.66)
      UTG+1 ($18.05)
      CO CO ($20)

      Preflop: Hero is on the Button with A:spade: K:diamond:
      2 folds, CO raises to 0.80, Hero raises to 2.40, 2 folds, CO raises to 8.40, Hero raises to 19.70, CO calls 11.30.

      I guess i should have folded to his 4bet.
      Do you always fold AK to a preflop 4bet against an unknown or average player?

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    • timukasr
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      I would have folded, best case scenario is that he is holding AK (but I don't think so.

      He starts to raise. His range is (if he thas hig ATS) 56s+ 68+ J8+ Q7+ K6+ A2+ 22+ etc. You re-raise so your villain thinks that your range is (considering that you are sometimes trying to re-steal), 22+ KQ+ AT+ 67+ etc now he re-raises you, so you think that his range is JJ+ AK and you haven't got good equity against this range. Of course this is in case when you know that your opponent is capable of stealing the blinds.

      ... damn, I have forgot why I wrote that text :( ...

      In conclusion - you beat JJ or QQ in 45% cases, you are splitting with AK and are way behind against KK (your equity about 31%) and also way behind against AA (dunno the equity, maybe 15%) so basically against standard opponent the push is pointless (I wrote almost completely pointless text).
    • Thorsten77
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      At the lower limits, people typically play quite passive and a 4-bet really means strength. However, I think its close: even if we give him a very tight range (AK,QQ+), we have ~39% equity in the hand. If we shove, this corresponds to 15,37$ pot equity and we have to invest 17.30$. Hence, if he never folds, we loose 2$ in the hand. However, if he may bluffraise here or shove weaker hands, our fold equity or pot equity will make a shove profitable.
      Havinf said that, I would start with the assumption of a nitty player and fold. Even if its a marginal spot, folding is ok since we don't lose a lot of EV and decrease our variance significantly.
    • kesgab
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      Oh i never heard that point before: it 'decrease our variance significantly' !
      I like it. So when a deceision is close, it can be better to fold.
      I guess it depends on the player, but in my case it can be better because a bigger loss can ruin my day. I mean i know then that i can be on tilt, so i just have to stop for that day. And by it i loose some money, so actually it really can be a plus EV move to fold in a close situation, if i consider my psychological reactions and the future play as well. I sometimes also start to play more nervous when i won a bigger pot, so in either case it's good.

      Thanks for the evaluation.
    • Kaitz20
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      Never like fold Co vs Bu stiuation AK. But it really depends on game dynamics- if you´ve raised a lot CO open raises then he´d fight back sometimes with any 2, so I always like to shove these situations.