about 50$+100$ bonus

    • visinica
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      Hi. I received the starting cappital at titan poker (50$). Yesterday i received another 50$ bonus , i think because i've made the points to unlock the first half from that 100$. My question is what about this bonus? is restricted for cash outs? i have to made again points to release it. Thx
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    • slikec
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      Lol you cleared 50$ rake back in one day :D Man follow BRM at least a bit lol :D

      You can cash out whole bankroll after you clear whole bonus btw yes. But winnings you can cashout already.
    • TribunCaesar
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      Hi visinicia,

      welcome to the community. At Titan the bonus will be released in $5 steps according to the points you got. In total the additional bonus is $100. After clearing that you can cash out. I am not sure if you can cash out while there is still a part of the bonus left to clear. Please make sure that you are playing accordingly to the bankroll management in order to prevent yourself from going broke.

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