[2-7Td] $1/$2 Q7622

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      Poker Stars $1/$2 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball - 3 players
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      Pre Draw: (1.5 SB) Hero is SB with Q :spade: 7 :spade: 6 :heart: 2 :spade: 2 :club:
      BTN raises, Hero calls, BB calls

      First Draw: (6 SB) (3 players)
      Hero draws 2, BB draws 2, BTN draws 2
      Hand: 9 :club: 8 :spade: 7 :spade: 6 :heart: 2 :club:
      Hero checks, BB checks, BTN checks

      Second Draw: (3 BB) (3 players)
      Hero draws 2

      Both villains are bad players. I just call predraw, because I want BB to call some marginal draws + I think that my draw is smooth enough to play 3way here. The real question is: what to do after first draw? Bet and SP? Bet and draw to 8762? C/C and draw 2? I choose the third option beacuse I was OOP vs unpredictable opponents and the pot was small. What do you think?
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    • badgerer
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      id probably pat here, planning to bet/fold after 2nd draw if a villain draws one and ck/call or ck/fold the river depending on the situation.
    • VorpalF2F
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      I'm no expert, but I would also pat here.

      Your opponents each drew two.
      If you draw, you have a much better chance of making your hand worse that you do of making it better.

      Furthermore, I would bet.
      Since they drew two, you don't want to let them improve for free.

      If they draw again, I would bet again.
      Since this is limit, I would play bet/call as well, since you get good odds if they raise.