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      Hello PS team, some weeks ago I started to study the Basic MSS. Also, I've checked many postings both on the English and on the Portuguese MSS forums and I've noticed that many players says that MSS basic is good only until NL10.

      I was planing to use it on NL50, once I mastered the Basic MSS, but I am scared now, so I've come here to kindly ask for your help.

      What way should I follow now to use MSS on NL50? Please reply answering those questions:

      1. I noticed that there's an Advanced MSS for Gold members. Before I become Gold I'd like to know: Is the Advanced MSS suitable for successfull playing on NL50 or NL25?

      2. I noticed a Short-Handed MSS for Silver members. Is that strategy suitable to successfull use on the NL50 and NL25?

      3. What kinds of changes could I do on the Basic MSS strategy for it to have success on NL50 AND NL25?

      4. Could you give me another kind of advice in order to meet my goal: Successfull play MSS on the stakes NL50 and NL25?

      Thank you very much!
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      Hi, pepeelpewRNMD
      I moved your question to the MSS strategy forum.

      I'm sure someone here will have a better answer than I could give.
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      I'm playing on NL10, so I don't consider myself to be an expert or whatever as a player. So I could be easily mistaking. As MSS forums are kind of empty hopefully you don't mind any advice. Anyone feel free to reply whenever you disagree with me, I'm down for a friendly discussion as both sides can learn something.

      I was planing to use it on NL50, once I mastered the Basic MSS, but I am scared now, so I've come here to kindly ask for your help.
      If you haven't played any poker yet I would advise you to take it to lower limits as NL50 is tough to start with.

      1. I was gold member last month. To be honest, articles taught me nothing new. I learnt those concepts from micro sources as coachings, other articles, hand judge forums or BSS videos. Gold MSS videos were great though and they could help you to beat those limits.

      2. I think those charts are too tight. They are just a guide to introduce SH to you.

      3., 4. As a NL10 player I don't know, but it's impossible to get you another advanced chart which you should be sticking to to beat those limits.
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      Playing MSS on higher limits, rquires the basic knowlegde about the strategie, and a lot of understanding in why you are doing those things.
      You can't create good charts, you are playing against different opponents, and you have to play different game-styles against them.
      All you need you can learn in public coachings, some videos, and the Handjudging Forum.