Comments on Videos?

    • BigAl123456
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      Dear Poker Strategy,

      I was just wondering if there is software at your end or at the ends of the coaches who record videos for your site that informs them/you when somebody comments on a video? It is just that I have posted a couple of comments on a few videos 1 being that a video is not the video that it is supposed to be.

      If you do not have the software, you should have somebody looking at every video and asking the coach to answer the question. I would even do this for every English video for some sort of deal.

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    • pleno1
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      We do have this software and do try to follow up on all videos. The coaches are informed to look out especially over the first week where most of the questions are asked to give quick replies, generally this is the case and if we see videos with no replies then we quickly get on the coaches case.

      The software we have allows us to view all comments posted and from next week a new member of staff will be coming to the team who will have this as one of his priorities.

      At the end of this month I plan to release a forum thread/news update with some changes to the education material we have and how as a community we should move forward.

      Thanks for being involved and I'll pass this on to the right guy now who can check the video.