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      sounds pants!!! what a crock of shit. take everythin that made fulltilt what it %27 any ways? maybe. but what about the monthly $300 worth of medals i would of been reciving for earning over 50 points a day, every day of the month for what would be now going on 3 years!!
      give me a leg up in the new program, great.. probly last a month, then not be able to keep it going!
      as well as all the points u made that made u more cash, and the poker school points that made more $$

      ironman medals = $$$$
      ironman mid and end of year rewards = $$$$
      ftps = $$$$
      poker acad = $$$$
      rakeback pros 27% = $$$$


      every 100 points $2.50 = crock of shit.
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