Poker Trackler 4

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    • Krishjanis
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      My guess is no. Pokerstrategy and HEM2 probably has some kind of a contract that they support each other and so on, so there probably is something along the lines that Pokerstrategy can't support other tracking software and so on. If there ever was such a discount then it is a long way ahead, probably when HEM3 would be coming out. That's what I think, in reality it might be completely different.
      But PT4 costs 60$ for the small stakes version, HEM2 cost 20$ when there was the discount, so it's only 40$ difference, so let's say you can afford the 20$, but your bankroll can't support the 60$ hit then sorry mate, you don't need such software. You won't be able to take the full advantage of it anyway. If you can't grind +40$ more, then go read strategy articles.
    • samson11
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      Thanks Krishjanis, I appreciate the response!