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rags to riches

    • crymehariver
      Joined: 23.09.2010 Posts: 7
      hi pokerstrategy community, i'm nick from mississauga, ontario, canada, 20 years old and decided to give poker a REAL shot. i've loved the game ever since i first saw it on tv 4 years ago.

      i started by playing $5 and $10 tournaments with friends until i got introduced to a different form of poker, cash games. it went from .25/.50 with the same group where the usual buyin was $20 (which was a lot for us back then), then $1/$2 at underground clubs. about a year later, the addicted bunch of us found out about 2/5 also at underground clubs. the game was awesome. great action, huge pots. of course, i didn't have a bankroll making 800/month tops at mcdonalds to supplement my crave for poker. i didn't care, i was young and naive (i know... i still am) and lost a total of about 15k online/live after turning legal and playing @ fallsview niagara.

      i haven't worked for a few months now and i'm broke, well almost. i'm not in school and don't have any goals regarding my education so i pretty much have nothing going on in my life right now. since i have so much free time i want to give poker another chance, seriously this time.

      i deposited $30 on stars playing 4 tables @ 5nl 6max zoom and @ $85, i deposited another $25 to get more rakeback (remember, i'm pretty much broke otherwise i'd take full advantage) and moved up to 10nl and have been doing decent imo for now. my total bankroll atm is $205, but i'm about to start a session after this post so we'll see where it goes.

      my goals for now are to be a winning player, make a consistent secondary source of income (although i'm not working atm) to possibly supplement a live 2/5 nl bankroll along with online.
      the point of my blog is to post my progress with the hopes of receiving feedback. whether it be coaching, general comments or constructive critcism etc.

      i'm using hem2 and haven't started using the hud until i moved to 10nl because it was lagging behind in zoom. it's fixed now though. i don't really know how to use anything other than the hud so if there's a way to post stats besides the graph please let me know so i can get better feedback on my play.
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