[NL2-NL10] NL2 hero-99

    • DjolusVicenus
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      djolus = hero :)

      DrJekyll2000 posts small blind $0.01, princessa55 posts big blind $0.02.

      globbus1983 folds, AtonalMonk folds, artur4ik444 folds, DeltaCredit raises $0.08, Djolus calls $0.08, zaskodnik folds, DrJekyll2000 folds, princessa55 folds.

      FLOP [6H, 8H, 7C]
      DeltaCredit bets $2.52 and is all-in, Djolus calls $2.52.

      TURN [6H, 8H, 7C, 4S]

      RIVER [6H, 8H, 7C, 4S, AC]

      DeltaCredit shows [AH, QH]
      Djolus shows [9S, 9H]
      DeltaCredit wins $4.97 from the main pot with pair.

      how should I have to play hand like that? :)
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