Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are

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      Hi Guys, this is Hang. I am starting a blog here for the first time.

      I actually had started a similar kind of blog on other site few months ago but I lost my motivation to keep updating it and let it die away after just a few updates.

      Somehow I just got the feeling for having a blog again recently and decide to start on a new place so hopefully I will be able to keep on updating it here this time.

      I am not going to write a long paragraph here to introduce myself or how I got into the poker world, but FYI I am 22 from Hong Kong, currently playing stt for living on stars. $15 9man K.Os are my main game and I also mix in some $15 normal turbos or $7 K.Os from time to time.

      I have set up two goals for myself actually before the start of this month.

      1. Achieving supernova by the end of the year - Before this month I still got 48.6K VPPS to clear for achieving SN. So my plan is to play at least 20 days/month for the remaining 3 months . And I have to clear 800VPPs for each day I play and that's roughly 160 games at the $15s.
      That's quite difficult for me as I am so damn lazy and often find excuses to not play but I am willing to try my best to do that, at least for this time... :tongue:

      2. 10K profits for the remaining 3 months in this year - That's no doubt not an easy goal to achieve at. But as long as I can maintain my win rate I have so far this year which is about $1 per game pre rakeback + a little bit run good, I do believe I can do that.
      Unfortunately though, the pokerstars doomswitch seems to be turned on again for me lately, I won't be able to do that if that continues... but as the title of my blog says 'Bad luck either destroys you or makes you the man you really are', I am ready to fight against the variance bitch and won't let it destroy me by any means. :D

      Speaking of that, the saying actually comes form the American TV show "The Killing" which is an awesome show I just finished recently. Highly recommend that to you if you are bored and looking sth to spend the time for.

      That's pretty much all the things I want to include for my 1st post in this blog. And just for fun I will post some graphs of my result this year in my next post.

      Thanks for taking your time reading my blog. Have fun and GL. :)

      Disclaimer : My English is not that good, so please forgive me for my spelling or gramma mistakes if any. Also, I am not a blog-savvy guy like many others in here, so you will probably find this blog quite boring. :tongue:
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    • hang1126
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      As I said I am going to post some of my result graphs, here they are..
      (All games are played this year, most of them are turbos very few are normal speed.)

      $7 K.Os
      dun play much at $7s but run decently good on them. :)

      $15 K.Os
      I wonder will I ever be able to catch up the EV line? ;(

      $15 normal turbo stt
      obviously run very bad in them. X(

      $30 K.Os
      LOL sample size, actually just started throw in some $30s last month and obviously run very hot in them. :evil:

      All STT played this year
      I really need to learn how to run good... ;(

      Result for best month this year
      Last month is my best month so far this year, I dun got any any single losing day that month. :D

      Worst downswing in a day
      That's the biggest lost in one day in my life and it just happened yesterday actually, dropped neraly $500 while EV went up $160
      but somehow I hardly got any feeling about that... :f_confused:
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      Hi there hang and wlcome to blogs. :)

      Ah 'downswings', gotta love them eh? X(

      turbos are cruel as far as I'm concerned but have fun with them anyway! Lol.

      Oh and your English is fine, in fact, better than a lot of English people I know.

      Best regards - and run good,