Do u think that its hard playing on FTP coz there are a lot of tight players on that site. I have heard much stories about loose-agressive maniacs from USA, Canada and Australia but on fact most of them i have met are weak tighters. They all have Vpip about 10 on 9max. Its hard to find a fish with 30 Vpip for example. Even 20 Vpip is rare. They alike to limp strong cards (that thing i hate most of all). When i play SSS for example i raise AJs from CO and get re raised from guy who limped from UTG+1. What i must do? fold? i wanted to see what he got and re reaised all in. He showed QQ. Sick.... This tighters dont raise AQ from early position and when i raised much with AA they fold it. This all on 0.10-0.25 9 max limit. When i tryed Nl50 and Nl100 SSS i found it more aggressive and loose and asier to play.
What are u doing about average players level at fip?