I recently aquired Poker Office which is basically the same as Poker Tracker and Hold-Em Manager.
I am Looking for some1 who can post a Basic HUD for me with what ranges i am to set them at and a colour scheme. I have been colecting data for a couple months now but havnt a clue how to use my programs HUD. ?(
So if some1 could be so kind and help me out with a beginner set up and how to use it, would be greatly apreciated.
Also would help if i can get a description on what each Stat does so i know what it is i am using.

I play micro games always cus i dont have much of a bankroll and trying to learn more b4 i go up in stakes, i usualy play SnGs and recently started to play fixed limit cash games .02/.04

So Some1 Please Help me I would really like to start using this program properly so i can geta grasp on things and mayb even start to make a lil money instead of always loosing it and depositing X(