Blog : MTTs + CG --------> My dream job !!!

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      Hey guys.I decide to write a blog about my road to MTTs poker PRO.
      This is my target.
      I play poker for one year and i played every type of poker....sng,CG,MTTs and i decide that MTTs are the best way to be the Poker Pro for me.
      I made a deposit 50$ in september and i made 500$....but i have a downswing last week and i have only 340$ :( .
      I am young man and i am not a gay :D (LOL) .
      I play only on stars.
      I will play MTTs until 5$ and cash game NL10.
      My target is to the end of december have 1000$.
      I hope that my bankroll will grow up,because my target and dream is to be poker proffesional player.
      I wanna write to this blog every week and i am going to bring you a grafs about my road etc.
      I hope that this blog will be a LEVEL .

      Funny song for never giving up :f_love:
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