Cheap tricks about benefits from PS

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      Dear ,

      I'm new on PokerStrategy , and very sorry cos my english is not better but hope you will understand what's frustrate me .

      Asking myself , is it possible the EVERY offer is trick . EVERY .

      First day I registered here ( it was week ago ) got 10$ free money at Poker770 , and 10$ for registering Moneybookers account via PS . And whats happend . Second day on Poker770 won 4. place on 1.000 GT tournament ( 103 $ ) . After this wining going on cash tables and play 0.02 / 0.04 limits . In this 7 days earned cca 1350 Points770 . This is equivalent for cca 55$ rake .
      I have to call Poker770 support to ask may I payout this money and they told me I must deposit if I want make payout . OK , its their rule . But what is benefit what I have from PS ? They gives me 10$ free money and end they earn 2 or 3 times more from Poker770 for new player ( me ) . With affilate program PS have a part of my rake ( normaly 20-50 % ) and I have not any rake-back before first deposit . Simply , I have NOTHING if not deposit ! Qustion is , what is different if I registered via PS and if registered direct on Poker770 without PS ? Different is , if registered via PS , they earned on my playing this week cca. 40-50$ .And whats the BEST , they will earn new money from my playing untill my account egzist ! And this is not tragic , but very frustrating when PS send me new offer yesterday :

      Usually, poker is a game of small advantages. Except today: benefit from a large advantage by claiming your $50 in free bonus cash which has reserved for you in the Poker770 software.

      Today asked PS support does this offer valid for next week deposits , and they answering :
      Thank you for your message.

      Yes, please note that you are still eligible to receive the mentioned bonus.

      "For every $1 you deposit you will get an extra $2 bonus up to $2,000."

      The detailed information can be found at our web site:

      Please , whats here PS offer ??? This bonus have EVERYBODY who deposit , with or without PS !!!

      About 10$ from Moneybookers ! Yes , I will receive 10$ on MB account first time I deposit there . LOL It's only MB affilates program . I will receive 10$ , and PS will receive 25$ + procent of every my transaction WHOLE MY LIFE .

      Ty PokerStrategy , can't imagine my life without your help !
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      Hi gogagoga88,

      Thank you for your post but I am not exactly sure what the problem is?

      You don't like free money?
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      Originally posted by HollyMichelle
      Hi gogagoga88,

      Thank you for your post but I am not exactly sure what the problem is?

      You don't like free money?
      I think he wants to say that PS gives less then they earn from us.

      But that's the good side,imagine ps have no profit from us,then how you expect ps to run all this years,making profit from us makes the site more sustainable.

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      you must be able to scrape together $10 to deposit, then get $10 free on moneybookers and deposit that on 770

      then you can withdraw the $100 or whatever it is, that you wouldn't have had if not for PS

      The value of PS is more in the free coaching stuff than in the starting bonus, that's just the bait