• danan758
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      hey everyone
      been here for 2-3 months now never really was one to join forums and stuff but i realise i gotta do the work off the tables so i want to make forums and stuff an integral part of my poker game
      so ill be around here regularly now
      today is my first time here for more than 2 minutes :D
      anyone from st.lucia here?
      if there is im looking for a partner(poker partner) one that we can work and track our progress together
      if there are any beginners and other advanced players who wants to its all good u dont hv to be from st.lucia
      im more of an advanced player i can make pretty descent decisions but i have attitude problems i let me emotions make my decisions at times and bust out
      so anyone who can help me or has advice on how i can change that just reply plz :D
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