[NL20-NL50] [SH] nl50 postflop play with nuts

    • meepwn
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      0|Fast Poker Game #4-12101812243: Table Helsinki (6 max) - 0.25/0.50 - NL Hold'Em - 15:50:27 2012/10/18
      1|Seat 1: Mucker (€14.98)
      2|Seat 2: sird0nkalot (€52.85)
      3|Seat 3: PokerSuker (€19.00)
      4|Seat 4: Agressive1 (€18.75)
      5|Seat 5: Danhol1 (€71.75) CO
      6|Seat 6: meepwn53 (€44.25) BU

      7|Mucker posts the small blind, €0.25
      8|sird0nkalot posts the big blind, €0.50
      9|meepwn53 has the button

      10|*** Hole cards ***
      11|Dealt to meepwn53 [J :club: J :spade:]
      17|PokerSuker folds
      18|Agressive1 folds
      19|Danhol1 raises to €1.00
      20|meepwn53 raises to €3.75
      21|Mucker folds
      22|sird0nkalot folds
      23|Danhol1 calls €2.75

      24|*** Flop *** [J :diamond: 7 :spade: 6 :heart:] pot is €8,25
      25|Danhol1 checks
      26|meepwn53 checks

      27|*** Turn *** [J :diamond: 7 :spade: 6 :heart:] [K :spade:] pot is €8,25
      28|Danhol1 checks
      29|meepwn53 bets €5.68
      30|Danhol1 calls €5.68

      31|*** River *** [J :diamond: 7 :spade: 6 :heart:] [K :spade:] [5 :club:] pot is €19,61
      32|Danhol1 checks
      33|meepwn53 bets to €34.82, and is all-in
      34|Danhol1 folds

      (fast fold software, 40-80bb buy in)

      It is the first time I see the guy on the tables, and it is worth noting that last hand he opened with A2s from the UTG, and overcalled a cold 4bet push AND 2 CALLERS for 80bb effective stacks.

      -against a normal opponent I'd 3bet smaller. Is the sizing appropriate given the circumstances?
      -do I bet the flop?
      -do I go for small river bet or just bet large and hope he will spazz?
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    • veriz
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      Hello meepwn,

      I'd still most likely bet the flop so I would be able to get his whole stack. :) Don't even need to do very huge, just make an induce Bet. Though the river shove might be kinda overplayed, makes your hand very faced up, I wouldn't ever see myself calling with Kx here.

      Best Regards.